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What we provide

Clinical Services

Assistance managing periods of
mental ill-health or mental illness,
to move from not-so-good to good.

Mental Health Maintenance

Build and maintain your
mental health, to move from
good to great.

Mental Health Training

Training for organisations on Mental Health essentials. Including signs, support and looking after yourself.


Our Mental health training suits all workplaces. It’s facilitated by senior psychologists and tailored to your needs or specific requests.

Training often includes:
– Relatable and practical discussions.
– Conversations on what we know about mental health.
– Information on the barriers to getting support.
– Strategies to look after yourself and others.


It’s ok
not to feel 100%

The most effective strategy to shift what’s going on in your life is to look for ways to start doing things differently. When you are unsure what needs to change and why you feel the way you do, professional mental health support often helps.

We know it’s sometimes hard to seek professional support to assist with challenges. Mantle was created to give you what you need, when you need it. That’s exactly why we’re here. To help you manage everything that matters most.

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