In this special edition of Manage What Matters, we take you to the annual Chamberlain Foundation Brothers Lunch in Melbourne at Crown. Ray ‘Razor’ Chamberlain and his two brothers, Peter and Brian host this event to raise money for mental health projects that aim to prevent suicide and reduce the adverse effects of mental ill health, trauma, grief and loss.

The Chamberlain Foundation has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years which it donates to charity partners. This year’s funds went to Code 9 Foundation – a foundation that provides a place of support for current and veteran professional first responders and 000 operators who live with a range of mental health conditions as a result of their service to the community.

In this podcast, Australian television reporter, sports journalist and Beyond Blue ambassador Brad McEwan discusses a range of mental health topics. Brad also introduces Ray Chamberlain who gives a rousing speech at the Chamberlain Foundation Brothers Lunch, and interviews two amazing humans who recount their lived experiences dealing with trauma – one exposed to trauma as a first responder, the other exposed to vicarious trauma in her role as an academic professor.

At Mantle we support organisations who are making a difference in the mental health space.