A massive thank you to Business Chicks Australia for having two of Mantle’s co-founders David Burroughs and Dr Dave Anthony, as well as the incredibly knowledgable, open and quite simply amazing Lucinda Brogden AM involved in their Masterclass – men + mental health. It was great to be able to discuss with Business Chicks Australia organisation many practical strategies on supporting the men in your life who might be struggling, and how to nudge (not nag) them towards varying levels of support. Drawing on the latest research, as well as a wealth of professional and lived experience (thank you for sharing so much of your story, Lucy), we hope people left the session feeling more empowered to help the men in their lives.

As an organisation working day-in-day-out in the men’s mental health space, we understand how essential work colleagues, friends, family, loved ones are in helping men to become better versions of themselves. Supporting men’s mental health is definitely a team effort!

We put together the following resource which provides some of the important information covered during the session. You can view it here.

We also took a snap during the session that captures David Burrough’s doing one of the many things he does well, entertaining the crowd.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to Rebecca Bodman for moderating the session.