Luke Foster Psychologist tells it like it is, and shares his view on Managing What Matters.

Life is full of ups and downs; some days we feel great, some days we feel like shit, some days we feel meh, average. Then there are extended periods in life where we feel shit more often than we feel good.

It’s often during these periods where we move away from the things in life that usually make us feel good about ourselves; we bury our heads in our work, we drink more alcohol than we usually would, we make up excuses not to exercise, usually at the expense of spending time with our nearest and dearest – our close friends and family.

We begin to forget about the things in life that matter most – YOU, and being a better partner, father, son, brother and friend. During these difficult times, it can be hard to recognise how to improve your life to manage what truly matters.

To improve and become successful, happy, balanced and as high performing as you can be, accessing professional support, treatment or coaching with a specialist who understands your needs and wants as a man can be life changing, potentially lifesaving. It’s something that Luke Foster Psychologist and his experienced team at Mantle are great at guiding.

At Mantle we recognised this gap and did something about it, we invite you to take a look at

To listen to Luke’s podcast in full, you can hear it here.