In Psychology, understanding what motivates and inspires people is crucial. It takes knowledge, intuition and experience. As well as forward thinking and vision. When you have that bottled, it can make all the difference. Dr David Anthony, (or ‘Doc’ as we call him at Mantle) is one of a rare breed that has all these qualities. He’s helped countless individuals and has long been a firm sounding board and a guiding light not only for our clients, but also for our entire Mantle team.

We’re thrilled to announce his elevation to role of Mantle CEO. For Doc, it’s been the culmination of a long journey of progression as he moves from his role as Managing Psychologist at Communicorp to full focus as CEO at Mantle.

His career path has taken him from early beginnings, studying at various levels and then completing a PhD, before closely working with Men in small to large businesses. It’s also seen him working with elite athletes, and nurturing their mindsets and talents, from ages as young as 16, so they can become stars. His experience, if you care to glance at it on our team page on the Mantle website, is immense. Including his work with private organisations, the Defence Force, the Invictus Games, Macquarie University, Queensland University’s Sport & Exercise Psychology Service, and the AFL’s West Coast Eagles.

Said Mantle Director Luke Foster, “Dr Dave gets it. He understands individuals, but more than that – he knows through his business and industry experience what it takes to nurture an outstanding team and strategically build our business. And that’s what we want here at Mantle. A gathering of some of the best minds in Men’s Psychology in a business that has great potential, being led by an incredibly capable and astute person.”

As Director David Burroughs puts it, “Doc Anthony can be very unassuming but he has a brilliant mind, manner and way of putting talk into action. The way he operates is through incredible inner strength, and it’s something we all benefit from. With his unique background, corporate and clinical understanding, he’s a true asset and we can’t wait to see what comes next with Mantle under his leadership.”

Said Dr David Anthony, “I’m really looking forward to taking the reins. I’ve been involved with Mantle since its inception and my passion for it continues to grow. I’m here to help Men and those around them, as our entire team is. We know the positive effect that has when it’s done right and it’s something our team continues to do incredibly well. In our first ten months of operating, we have completely bucked the troubling industry trend of Men disengaging early from Psychological support, and we have dramatically improved the therapeutic experience. Our shared vision is to grow our business to assist more clients regardless of their environment, become even more of a leader, setting the standard in one-on-one Telehealth Psychology support for Men. We will also continue to expand our targeted performance services and specialist Psychological support programs with our corporate partners and other organisations across all levels to improve Mental Health outcomes. Our goal is to become a world leader in how we operate, while bringing great minds and innovation with us, as well as engaging in the best research in Men’s Mental Health. It’s so encouraging to know that Men’s uptake of professional services is increasing and the narrative on getting professional help early is changing. It’s also unbelievably gratifying to be involved in an organisation that has been specifically set up to meet the therapeutic needs and wants of Men – this is a current gap in the market that we are motivated to help fill.”

“From a strategic perspective, I’m incredibly excited to be learning from our current advisors and mentors to refine and then expand our business operations. From a service perspective, we have such a deeply experienced team of Psychologists from all around Australia, and I’m looking forward to learning from and working with them, as well as welcoming onboard many more in the future.”