Looking for male depression help, or not sure exactly what’s going on with someone close to you?

Here are some tips to help the men in your life.

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1. Normalise help-seeking

Let him know that seeking help can be tough and uncomfortable, but you know of many guys that have done it with good effect.

2. Don’t diagnose or jump to conclusions

He may need male depression help, or something different entirely. Often what you see isn’t a true reflection of what is actually going on. He might be angry, might be drinking too much, but these things can be masking some underlying vulnerabilities, like depression or anxiety, shame or guilt.

3. Offer your support & check in

He may not be ready to talk, but your support, simply being there for him as another human being can be more valuable than you’d ever realise.

4. Motivate him for change

Paint a picture of how seeking help might make him stronger, perform better, may assist him in becoming a better partner, father, son, brother, friend or colleague.