‘Dating is similar to finding the right psychologist, it’s a work in progress, and assuming you’re going to match with someone immediately isn’t always the case. It’s a matter of understanding that it can take time to find the right fit.’

Not one to shy away from expressing his understanding and beliefs on a range of topics, Dr. Zac Seidler has dedicated his academic and professional life to the awareness of the underrepresentation of men accessing professional help.

Trained as a Clinical Psychologist, with placements as a lead researcher in various organisations, Zac currently holds the dual roles of Director of Mental Health Training at Movember, and Research Fellow at Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health.

In these roles, Zac has strived to research and treat the ever-increasing problem of mental health challenges and suicide throughout Australia. Zac has a goal to help reduce the staggeringly high male suicide rate worldwide. We thank Zac sincerely for being part of the Manage What Matters initiative.