Referees. You might not agree with every split-decision these Men and Women make on the field, but refs right across Australia do an unbelievable job in both a professional and voluntary capacity. Often in action-packed, fast moving, exciting and emotionally tough situations. When you carefully consider the role they play any given Sunday, Saturday or weekday, they’re integral to all the games we love, and each sharp whistle blow is a stern reminder of that! Mantle Health are thrilled to be backing our refs. We’ve partnered with the referees of Queensland via an exciting new 3 year sponsorship of the Queensland Rugby Referees Association. At every game they oversee, we’ll be supporting them. Through every conversion, try and split-second judgement call.

From the sidelines you’ll also be able to see the Mantle name supporting our refs on the back of their new 2021 uniform, and also on a sleeve. For us it’s great to see the Queensland Rugby Referees Association joining Mantle to shine a spotlight on Men’s Mental Health and prioritising prevention and early intervention strategies for mental-ill health, as well as high performance initiatives to help their members go from good-to-great. In sport and the code, it’s the start of a massively exciting season. One that we hope will take us well beyond the next 3 years in our relationship with the QRRA.

Said Mantle’s Dr David Anthony, “The Queensland Rugby Referees Association does a terrific job working hard for the betterment of the game of Rugby Union. At the same time, we’re working hard to improve the mental game-plan of Men, young and old, many who are a part of this great sport. It’s a perfect fit for Mantle Health, particularly in terms of getting the message out around not just physical fitness but mental well-being and we’re excited about the possibilities and the potential of joining with QRRA over the next 3 years.”

Says Mantle’s Luke Foster, “We love Rugby at Mantle, and admire the tough, challenging work refs do. The Queensland Rugby Referees Association (QRRA) is the state’s peak match official body, covering over 4,000 games each year. We’re proud to be associated with their activities across Brisbane’s Senior Grade, Junior Games, School Boy Games, Underage Carnivals, as well as both Corporate 10’s and 7’s tournaments. It’s the beginning of great things for us with the Mantle QRRA sponsorship and helping Men to Manage What Matters.”

Look out for Mantle on the backs and sleeves of refs at your next game. And when the final siren sounds, make sure you’re not just applauding the players. Make some noise for our great umpires!