Mantle enjoy nothing better than a great weekend read and athlete mental health is something our team are highly experienced with. It’s good to hear from several athletes operating in an elite sport speaking about the benefits of psychological support for mental health challenges and performance enhancement.

This article link discusses that often men are more likely to suffer in silence. And the effect of seeing a male athlete speak out can be enormous.

As UK Driver Russell Norris puts it:

“I was getting messages from people saying how I’d impacted them,” the Briton told ESPN. “And how me being me… how I’d changed their lives or, I guess as deep as saying, they were thinking about suicide and stuff like that, saying how I’d had an impact on changing that. Saying they’re enjoying their lives a lot more.

“Seeing a lot of those messages and learning about that made me realise I can use my platform a lot more to speak up about it because it’s things I’ve struggled with in the past, and [it’s about] knowing and learning how much of a difference I can have on people around the world.”

For a different spin on F1 and athlete mental health, do check it out.