The Australian Men’s Health Forum has developed and subsequently launched a Men’s Mental Health Charter at a virtual Round Table with the Hon David Coleman MP, Minister Suicide Prevention, today. The event, organised by AMHF CEO Glen Poole and chaired by former Lifeline CEO and AMHF board member, Pete Shmigel had over 110 attendees, both men and women from various organisations in the men’s health space, all with a passion to improve the lives of men and boys.

At the event, there were some worldly speakers who, collectively spoke to each of the seven principles.

Christopher Stone, Suicide Prevention Australia
Dr. Zac Seidler, Movember
Neil Hall, Men’s Health Information and Resource Centre
Chris Lockwood, MATES in Construction
Ross Arriola, Parents Beyond Breakup
Kylie King, Monash University
Glen Poole, Australian Men’s Health Forum

One thing that stood out to us, among many really solid discussions, was the need for more male-friendly professional services. It is our belief that many men in this country, despite the best of intentions and a lot of tireless work from so many in the space, are inadvertently discouraged from taking positive steps to improve their mental well-being due to services not having considered and addressed the unique preferences of men when it comes to accessing professional support. This is why we remain so passionate about the work we are doing at Mantle and why we will continue to work our backsides off to provide services that aim to help men to become better partners, fathers, sons, brothers and friends.

The 7 principles for men’s mental health services as outlined in the Men’s Mental Health Charter can be found here.